Valley of Dodoni

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Cafe Pool Bar

Enjoy a coffee or a drink by the pool ..

Area events

A separate area for the happiest moments of your life!

In the heart of Epirus, next to the archaeological site of Dodona, the lush magnificent Dodoneus Valley, where comfort, simplicity and luxury meet, next to the impressive ancient theater of Dodona, you will find a welcoming environment for relaxation in all seasons time!

Simple luxury with inspiration from the Archaeological landscape ...!

Relax in our comfortable, modern design with all the modern amenities, hotel rooms!

Taste the Traditional Greek cuisine!

Enjoy freshly cut, the most famous Italian blend!

Traditional tsipouro (local raki), Alcohol beverages and more!

Spend moments of relaxation by the pool, enjoying your coffee and your drink!

Feel the cozy atmosphere by the fireplace!

Visit attractions in the area!

Τthe oldest theater, the infinite beauty Valley of Dodona, the electric atmosphere of the region and Luxurious but yet affordable accommodation & high quality services, Compose what ‘’Prytaneio Design Hotel’’ is.

At PRYTANEIO Design Hotel also has an Event Hall.